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Are you passionate about ensuring exceptional customer experiences and fostering success? Join our team as a Support Specialist and play a pivotal role in helping client families and sales agents.




Part-Time or


What You’ll Do

  • Oversee Support Communications by managing support calls, emails, and online chat messages to assist client families and sales agents. Ensure timely and effective resolution of inquiries, addressing questions, and meeting their needs.

  • Maintain Product Expertise by developing and sustaining an expert-level understanding of each Sepio Guard product offering and technological options. Stay current with updates and advancements to provide informed support to clients and sales agents.

  • Educate Sales Agents by collaborating with the sales team, offering guidance on technology, tools, and training opportunities. Empower sales agents with the knowledge they need for continued satisfaction and success in their roles.

  • Issue resolution and continuous improvement by actively engaging in issue resolution processes, identifying root causes, and implementing solutions to enhance overall customer satisfaction. 

Who You are

  • Demonstrate a deep commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Your customer-focused mindset ensures that their needs are at the forefront of your interactions and solutions.

  • Enjoy working in a dynamic environment where teamwork is essential. Your collaborative spirit contributes to the overall success of the team and the satisfaction of our clients and sales agents.

  • Thrive on maintaining a deep understanding of Sepio Guard products and technology. Your enthusiasm for staying ahead of developments ensures you provide informed support and guidance to clients and sales agents.

  • Possess strong communication and training skills. Your ability to convey information understandably empowers families and sales agents with the tools and knowledge necessary for success.

  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to issue resolution, identifying root causes and implementing effective solutions. Your commitment to continuous learning contributes to ongoing improvements in support processes and the customer experience.

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