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Having supported numerous families within the funeral profession, we've come to realize the unpredictable nature of where death may occur. Our firsthand experiences have shown us the heightened impact of a loved one's passing when it happens away from home, making the emotional toll even more profound.

Chris Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

The founder and pioneer of Away From Home Assurance, a dedicated family man with extensive experience supporting families in various capacities. With nearly a decade in the fastest-growing funeral pre-planning company, Chris learned the importance of going the extra mile for a family's unique needs. Motivated by personal experiences, he cofounded Sepio Guard to ease the challenges families face when dealing with loss away from home.

Chris Johnson Sepio Guard

Bryce Beach

Co-Founder & COO

Bryce Beach, co-founder of Sepio Guard, blends software expertise with funeral profession insights. Recognizing the challenges families face when death occurs away from home, Bryce's mission is to ensure families are always protected, offering both peace of mind and top-tier customer care.

Bryce Beach Sepio Guard


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